On my recent trip to Maui, Hawaii, I missioned up to the Haleakala Crater in the middle of the night in hopes of shooting the stars. Its the 4th best place to view the sky on earth. During the winter months in Whistler you don’t see much of the Milky Way so I wasn’t sure what I’d find. After a few cold hours sleeping in the car and waiting for the moon to set, I got up around 4 am to this view. You can see Venus and the lights of the Big Island in the distance. Pretty stoked!


hot people are so lucky im so pissed


I could feel his heart beat so close to mine. Every other beat I fell more in love.


proper schooling


please friendzone me. I want to be your friend so badly

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I wanna be the one you wanna talk to nonstop, the one who gets to message you good morning everyday, the one who puts a smile on your face, the one who will make you smile and laugh, who will be there for you if you are having a bad day or the one who will take care of you if you get sick, the one who will listen to anything you want to say, I could be the one, just give me one chance and I promise I can be your person, at least let me try. 


all i want in life is to lose weight and gain money

yet instead, here i am, gaining weight and losing money

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from where you’d rather be // ale romo

Just because In n out

Photo shoot at sano for San Lorenzo bikinis